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Access a pre-designed library of automated journeys that you can enable with a click of a button.

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The hub for all your communication.

Be a total PRO with done for you email automations.



Greet new subscribers and introduce them to your brand.



Recover abandoned carts with a 3 email series approach.



Thank returning customers again after multiple purchases.



Reach known visitors who are just window shopping.



Remind those that may have forgotten about you.



Win back dormant subscribers who have not purchased recently.


Replace your email provider
with one simple app.

Using our single innovative platform you can remove all your communication dependencies and the messy rat's nest of apps you currently have.

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“We all appreciate a support team that is quick and willing to help. It’s my number one priority these days and I won’t sign-up unless they have a great service in place. That's why I chose Mister Mail!”

Russ D'Sa - Marketing Manager

Integrated with your favorite platforms

Your data should be connected and portable. Mister Mail connects with other sources to help you get more done.


Sync your team's work and activity to share automatically in a channel with a simple plugin.


Communicate important messages to your users through Landkit using Mailchimp as the delivery service.


Sync any file store to Dropbox for automated sharing with people outside the company.

Google Drive

Sync any file store to Google Drive for automated sharing with people outside the company.

Google Ad Manager

Easily manage and edit any Adwords campaign inline to improve ROI with constant review.


Keep your entire team in sync with development and easily manage tasks, goals, and deadlines.


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