The power of dynamic discounts

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Earn more while offering less.

With our advance dynamic discount feature, you are able to not only automatically generate codes but offer lower or higher discounts to select customers.


Returning Customers

Why offer the same discounts to your loyal customers?


Repeat Cart Abandoners

Stop customers that know there will be a discount just for waiting.


Coupon Only Shoppers

Offer lower discounts to avid coupon only customers.


Smart. Smarter. Smartest.
We put the AI in mail.

While others only offer static codes or have you upload bulk codes (which requires another app), Mister Mail is able to automatically generate discounts based on certain criteria as well as enforce expiration dates!

No static codes

No wasted time

No uploading codes

Set code expiration


Stop leaving money on the table.

With Mister Mail's dynamic discount feature you are in charge of your coupons and offers. Sign up now to take back control.

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